WP Resume

If you use WordPress (or are looking for yet another reason to do so), check out the WP Resume plugin. It’s a handy way to add a resume to your website. It’s easy to organize and edit your information and the standard style is clean and easy to read. Plus it provides hResume support (for what it’s worth).  I found it easy to set mine up.

Fix ReCaptcha positioning

When I installed the Deko Boko plugin to provide a contact form in WordPress, I discovered an annoying bug. The text input field for reCAPTCHA was off-center and overlapped some of the reCAPTCHA controls. I did a quick search and found a useful post which offered a solution which seems to work for me.

You need to change the CSS for the recaptcha_response_field element in order to reposition the text input field. The author of the post offered a few good solutions, but what I chose to do was insert the following html in my contact page, right before the dekoboko shortcode tag:

#recaptcha_response_field_test{left:0px !important;}

One could also edit the dekoboko.css file directly and change this element’s CSS.  I prefer to edit my contact page instead of editing the Deko Boko files to make upgrading the plugin hassle-free.


Welcome to the latest nickhart.com website redesign. Let’s face it: I’m lazy about updating my website and keeping it organized. It’s back to the blog format. WordPress seems pretty cool, so that’s what I picked.  The default theme is pretty good, so slap up my own header picture (taken at my pad), tweak the background color and we’re good to go!

If you’re one of the other dozens of individuals on this planet who shares the name Nick Hart, welcome!  This is the website of the one that lives in Seattle.  And sorry, I registered this domain name a long time ago when the Internet was young. I’m not planning on selling it.