Fix ReCaptcha positioning

When I installed the Deko Boko plugin to provide a contact form in WordPress, I discovered an annoying bug. The text input field for reCAPTCHA was off-center and overlapped some of the reCAPTCHA controls. I did a quick search and found a useful post which offered a solution which seems to work for me.

You need to change the CSS for the recaptcha_response_field element in order to reposition the text input field. The author of the post offered a few good solutions, but what I chose to do was insert the following html in my contact page, right before the dekoboko shortcode tag:

#recaptcha_response_field_test{left:0px !important;}

One could also edit the dekoboko.css file directly and change this element’s CSS.  I prefer to edit my contact page instead of editing the Deko Boko files to make upgrading the plugin hassle-free.