I <3 Xcode 5 and AppleDocs

If you are an Objective-C developer, rejoice!  You can now have AppleDoc-style documents built right in to your project with Xcode 5!  All you need to do is add special comments in your headers and Xcode will automagically suck those comments right into its docs!

For example, if I format my function declaration like so:

 A cool method to do some nifty stuff!
 @param foo a useful parameter
 @param bar another useful parameter
 @return the result of mashing foo and bar together
- (id)niftyMethodWithFoo: (Foo *) foo andBar: (Bar *) bar;

Then when I option-click on that method name from anywhere in my source code I get a quick view of the help:


Our friends at NSHipster have a great article on how to format your comments to generate awesome AppleDocs, so I won’t bore you with that here.  There is a lot more you can do that just document functions, so I encourage you to read all about it and start adding AppleDoc comments to your code!